How to send us your audio files

Instructions for correctly uploading and preparing your files

File Format

.WAV (Best at 24 bit) 44.1 – 48 – 96 Khz

Export note #1

Always export files from the top (0-0-0) or at least all from the same point

Export note #2

Export files without reverb copression EQ or other effects unless they are an integral part of the sound and also send a version without effects specifying in the files names (DRY) Export.

Export note #3

Export files to -5DB maximum peak (it is not useful to over do it)


If you fix the voices with melodyne or autotune write iyt on the audio file and it would be better to also have the unedited composite track (let us worry about the sound).


If there are tempo change attach a MIDI file and a PDF with any additional notes


Attach a reliable rough mix (it will be useful for the engineer to understand the balance).

Reference Song

It may be useful to attach a reference song to help us understand how the ix should sound.

Name of files

Always name files from the software you use (BASS GTR CLEAN LEAD VOX … )

Compress Files & Folders

Always compress file in folders in .zip/.rar format

Name of files and folders

Instruction for uploading:
Insert the songs in separate and named folder following this example: